Virtual access


Access to the GATMO-TC 2021 Platform will be enabled from Tuesday, May 18 at 3:00 p.m.

To access the Congress, an industry symposium or one of the Parallel Activities, you must click on the “Virtual Access” button and then complete the following information:


This is the e-mail with which you have registered.


If you are a participant, it is your ID/passport number, without dots or dashes.

If you are a speaker, it is the password that was sent to you by email.

You will then enter the GATMO-TC 2021 Platform,  at  the Congress lobby, where you will be able to watch the welcome video, visit the commercial area where some of the congress sponsors present their booth, or access the scientific sessions you are registered for.

If during the development of the activities, for any reason you leave the platform, you will have to log in again in the same way you did initially.

If you have any questions, we have technical support in the Information Desk at the lobby where we can help you with any technical problems and answer any general questions you may have.

Technical recommendations:

  • If you are using WiFi connection, it is advisable to be close to the sector of higher connectivity of the place where you are and avoid that other users are simultaneously using streaming. This ensures a more stable connectivity.
  • It is always much friendlier to enlarge the presentation for better viewing.
  • The use of headphones will contribute to better sound quality.
  • Can’t access? Do not hesitate to contact us through the following email: